10 Ways to Love

Practice these 10 best ways to love and be loved for a successful and happy marriage or relationship…

  • Listen and do not interrupt your partner. Let them express themselves and really listen to what they have to say. Each of you should mutually respect each other to hear one another out. 
  • Speak without accusing. If you listened to your partner without interrupting, they also need to do the same for you but when you are talking be sure not to accuse the other person. Don’t play the blame game, talk about what both of you can do to fix the situation.
  • Give without sparing. Always give 100% of yourself to the one you love and expect the same in return. Not just part of you but all of you, mind body and soul.
  • Pray without ceasing. Praying for your lover, spouse, marriage or relationship takes but very little time but can make a huge difference.
  • Answer without arguing. When your love asks you something, don’t answer back in a way that can start an argument. If you’re having a bad day, that’s no reason to take it out on the one you love and ruin their day by creating an argument. Take a deep breath before you answer and take a second to think your response over if you have to.
  • Share without pretending. Don’t ever lie or pretend to be someone you’re not. That doesn’t show you care about the other person at all. A key component in successful relationships is trust and if you can’t be fully honest, you probably don’t deserve his or her trust.
  • Enjoy without complaint. If you’re doing something the other person likes to do, enjoy it and don’t complain. Keep in mind, you’re only doing it because you love them and want them to be happy. So, relax and enjoy it!
  • Trust without wavering. If your lover never gives you a reason not to trust them, then you should fully trust them as you would want them to trust you.
  • Forgive without punishing. If you do get hurt, remember that it is not the end of the world to forgive but don’t keep punishing your partner. If you can’t forgive them, be honest and tell them. Don’t hold those resentments forever, let them go and move on.
  • Promise without forgetting. Never make a promise you can’t keep… or well, can’t even remember to keep. It really isn’t fair to the other person.

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