Is He Still In Love With His Ex?

red flag signs he's still in love with his ex girlfriend

Sometimes it can be hard to get over and ex and rushing into a new relationship might not be a good idea. It really isn’t fair to the other person and often times their feelings get hurt. If you have any suspicion that your boyfriend might still be in love with his ex, glance over our list of the tell-tale signs and see if any of them apply. Each relationship is different but if multiple signs point to the obvious, it might be time to let go of the relationship and let him figure out what he really wants because you deserve so much better than that. Below are some of the biggest tell-tale signs that your man just isn’t 100% over his ex-girlfriend yet. Do any apply to your guy?

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Tell-Tale Signs He’s Still In Love With His Ex-Girlfriend

  • He won’t stop talking about herIf he constantly brings his ex up and compares you to her, he must not be over her. Even if he’s complaining about her or their relationship, he still has his ex on his mind and this is not a good sign.
  • He is still friends with her on FacebookWhen he keeps up with her social media account such as Facebook & Twitter, it could be a signs he’s still interested in her.
  • He suggests that you be friends with herA guy should feel awkward when his current girlfriend and his ex are around each other. If he’s not and he wants you to be friends with her, it may mean he wants to keep her close and use you to do it.
  • He still has pictures and keepsakes from their relationship – Stored away in a shoebox in the closet may be permissible but if your man has pictures of him and his ex or things she gave him on display in his pad, he might not be ready to completely move on.
  • He’s afraid to commit to you – When he’s afraid to take the next step in the relationship with you such as talking about marriage, moving in together, etc, it may be because he doesn’t see a future with you because he’s still hung up on his ex.
  • He accidentally calls you by her name – This should be a definite deal breaker. If he seems obsessed with his ex and then calls you by her name you should maybe get out of the relationship and protect your feelings.
  • He gets upset when he finds out she’s dating someone new – If he has moved on completely from his past relationship, he wouldn’t care if she meets someone new. When he gets jealous over her new relationships, it’s a definite sign he still has feelings for her.
  • He’s still got her number in his phone – Unless they have to keep in touch for some reason such as for work or because they have children together, your guy should not have his ex’s number in his phone and it surely shouldn’t be showing up in the call log.

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